Time Event Invited Presenters
5:00 PM Poster Session
7:00 PM Welcome John Stone (MGH/Boston)
7:15 PM A Genome-Wide Association Study in IgG4-RD Speaker: Chikashi Terao (Kyoto)

Moderator: Tsutomu Chiba (Kyoto)

7:45 PM Macrophages, Humoral Innate Immunity, and Orchestration of Tissue Repair Speaker: Alberto Mantovani (Milan)
Moderator: Emanuel Della Torre (Milan)
Time Event Presenter or Moderator
6:30 AM Continental Breakfast (Provided by Symposium)
7:20 AM Welcome Tsutomu Chiba (Kyoto)
Focus: IgG4-RD
7:30 AM Understanding the Pathophysiology of IgG4-RD Speaker: Shiv Pillai (MGH/Boston)
Moderator: Seiji Nakamura (Kyushu)
8:00 AM Basophils in Immune-Mediated Disease Speaker: Hajime Karasuyama (Tokyo)
Moderator: Shiv Pillai (MGH/Boston)
8:30 AM Molecular Characterization of Plasmablasts in IgG4-RD Speaker: Vinay Mahajan (MGH/Boston)
Moderator: Emanuel Della Torre (Milan)
9:00 AM BREAK  (Provided by Symposium)
T cells: Cytotoxic T cells and T Follicular Helper Cells
9:30 AM CD4+ cytotoxic T lymphocytes in IgG4-RD Speaker: Hamid Mattoo (MGH/Boston)
Moderator: Tsutomu Chiba (Kyoto)
10:00 AM Analysis of T Follicular Helper Cells & IgG4 Class-Switching Speaker: Takashi Maehara (MGH/Boston)
Moderator: Hajime Karasuyama (Tokyo)
10:30 AM Follicular Helper T cells in the Pathophysiology of IgG4-RD Speaker: Mitsuhiro Akiyama (Kyoto)
Moderator:Takashi Maehara (MGH/Boston)
Innate Immunity
11:00 AM Possible involvement of innate immunity in the pathogenesis of IgG4-RD Speaker: Seiji Nakamura (Kyushu)
Moderator: Vinay Mahajan (MGH/Boston)
11:30 AM Role of Innate immunity in type 1 AIP Speaker: Kazushige Uchida (Hirakata)
Moderator: Hamid Mattoo (MGH/Boston)
12:00 AM BREAK  (Provided by Symposium)
ACR/EULAR Classification Criteria for IgG4-RD Moderator: John Stone (MGH/Boston)
12:00 PM What are Classification Criteria? What are they not? Speaker: Ray Naden (McMaster)
12:45 PM The 2016 ACR/EULAR Classification Criteria for IgG4-RD Speaker: John Stone (MGH/Boston)
1:15 PM IgG4-RD Cases & Mimickers: A summary Speaker: Emmanuel Della Torre (Milan)
1:35 PM Radiology Considerations in the Development of Classification Criteria: What do the Key Exclusion Criteria & Relative Criteria Look Like? Speaker: Dai Inoue (Kanazawa/Mayo)
1:55 PM Pathology Considerations in the Development of Classification Criteria Speaker: Yoh Zen (Kobe)
Time Event Presenter or Moderator
7:00 AM Continental Breakfast (Provided by Symposium)
IgG4-RD: Fibrosis, Malignancy, Autoimmunity
7:30 AM The Balance of Cancer and Autoimmunity Speaker: Ami Shah (Johns Hopkins)
Moderator: Shiv Pillai (MGH/Boston)
8:30 AM Malignancy and IgG4-RD: What do we know now?
Data from three continents: Europe, Asia, North America
Speakers: Emma Culver (Oxford)
Mitsuhiro Kawano (Kanazawa)
Zachary Wallace (MGH/Boston)
Moderator: Ami Shah (Johns Hopkins)
9:30 AM IgG4-RD: A blue collar disease? Speaker: Ulrich Beuers (Amsterdam)
Moderator: Kazushige Uchida (Kansai)
10:00 AM BREAK  (Provided by Conference)
10:30 AM Management of IgG4-related Sclerosing Cholangitis Speaker: George Webster (London)
Moderator: Kensuke Kubota (Yokohama)
11:00 AM Assessing Hepatic Fibrosis and its Effect on Liver Function Speaker: Vijay Shah (Mayo)
Moderator: Suresh Chari (Mayo)
11:30 PM Advances in the Assessment of Pulmonary Fibrosis Speaker: Francesco Boin (UCSF)
Moderator: Hiroshi Sekiguchi (Mayo)
12:00 PM Advances in the Treatment of Pulmonary Fibrosis: Nintendanib, IL-6 blockade, B cell depletion Speaker: Francesco Boin (UCSF)
Moderator: Vijay Shah (Mayo)
12:30 PM Factors Predictive of Relapse and Long-Term Outcomes in type1 AIP Speaker: Kazuichi Okazaki (Osaka)

Moderator: Phil Hart (Ohio State)

1:00 PM LUNCH  (Provided by Conference)
A Japanese/U.S. Collaboration & Slide Swap:
1:30 PM Multi-Centric Castleman’s Disease & IgG4-RD: Are they the same thing? An East/West Case Swap Speakers: Yoh Zen (Kobe) &
Zachary Wallace (MGH/Boston)
Moderator: Yasuharu Sato (Okayama)
2:15 PM Differentiating Multi-Centric Castleman’s Disease & IgG4-RD Speaker: Takanori Sasaki (Keio University)
Moderator: Yasuharu Sato (Okayama)
SYMPOSIUM DINNER (Ticket required – $95)
 6:30 PM Glucocorticoids in IgG4-RD Speaker: Frank Buttgereit
(Charite Hospital, Berlin)
Time Event Presenter or Moderator
6:00 AM Hot Breakfast (Provided by Conference)
B cells / Plasmablasts / Other
7:30 AM IgG4-Related Disease Of The Bile Ducts And Pancreas: The Great Imitator Speaker: Ulrich Beuers (Amsterdam)
Moderator: Terumi Kamisawa (Tokyo)
8:00 AM Is Serum IgG In Patients With Aip Pathogenic? Speaker: Masahiro Shiokawa (Kyoto)

Moderator: Cory Perugino (MGH/Boston)

8:30 AM Analysis Of Known Autoantigens In IgG4-RD Speaker: Cory Perugino (MGH/Boston)
Moderator: Arezou Khosroshahi (Emory)
9:00 AM IgG4-Related Dacryoadenitis & Sialadenitis:

Clinical Features, Treatment, And Prognosis

Speaker: Motohisa Yamamoto (Sapporo)
Moderator: Takako Saeki (Nagaoka)
The Treatment of IgG4-RD
9:30 AM Xmab5871: Mechanistic Considerations Speakers: Xin Kai, John Stone (MGH/Boston)

Moderator: Hisanore Umehara (Kanazawa)

10:15 AM Management Of Orbital Inflammatory Disease /
Orbital Pseudotumor
Speaker: James Garrity (Mayo Clinic)

Moderator: Nicolas Schleinitz (Marseilles)

10:40 AM BREAK
11:00 AM Glucocorticoid Maintenance Therapy for AIP: The Japanese Experience Speaker: Atsushi Masamune (Sendai)

Moderator: Daniel Blockmans (Leuwen)

11:30 PM Rituximab Treatment Of IgG4-RD: An Oncologist’s View Speaker: Thomas Witzig (Mayo)

Moderator: Marco Lanzillotta (Milan)

12:00 PM Treatment of AIP in the Clinic in 2017 and Beyond Speaker: Phil Hart (Ohio State)

Moderator: Emma Culver (Oxford)

12:30 PM Using the IgG4-RD Responder Index in Clinical Trials Speakers: Zachary Wallace,
John Stone (MGH)
Moderator: Arezou Khosroshahi (Emory)

Click here to download the agenda in PDF format.