2014 International Symposium on IgG4-Related Diseases


2014 International Symposium on IgG4-Related Diseases

February 16-19, 2014

Sheraton Waikiki Hotel

Honolulu, Hawaii


1 808-667-2525


Start Finish Day 1
7:30AM 8:00AM BREAKFAST Provided by Conference
8:00AM 8:05AM Welcome Dr. Arezou Khosroshahi
8:05AM 8:35AM The Pathology of IgG4-RD: What have we learned since 2011? Dr. Yoh Zen
8:35AM 8:45AM Discussion Mod: Dr. Giuseppe Zamboni
8:35AM 9:15AM Can the diagnosis of IgG4-RD be made by lymph node biopsy? Dr. John K.C. Chan
9:15AM 9:25AM Discussion Mod:Dr. Tadashi Yoshino
9:25AM 9:40AM BREAK  
9:40AM 10:10AM B cells, plasmablasts, and plasma cells in IgG4-RD  Dr. Ignacio Sanz
10:10AM 10:20AM Discussion  Mod: Dr. Zhan-Guo Li
10:20AM 10:40AM Immune complexes in IgG4-RD  Dr. Lynn Cornell
10:40AM 10:50AM Discussion  Mod: Dr.MH Kim
10:50AM 11:20AM New Pathology Techniques  Dr. Vikram Deshpande
11:20AM 11:30AM Discussion  Mod: Dr. Kenji Notohara
11:30AM 12:00PM Abstract presentation (2 pathology abstracts)  
12:00PM 1:30PM LUNCH At Leisure
Challenging Individual Organ Manifestations
1:30PM 2:00PM Overview of New Entities within the IgG4-RD spectrum Dr. Mitsuhiro Kawano
2:00PM 2:10PM Discussion Mod: Dr. Nicolas Schleinitz
2:10PM 2:40PM Pulmonary manifestations of IgG4-RD and their management Dr. Jay H. Ryu
2:40PM 2:50PM Discussion Mod: Dr. Shoko Matsui
2:50PM 3:15PM BREAK Provided by Conference
3:15PM 3:45PM Cancer& IgG4-RD: Is there a real relationship? Dr. Tsutomu Chiba
3:45PM 4:00PM Discussion Mod: Dr. JKC Chan
4:00PM 4:30PM Thoracic and abdominal aortitis Dr. James Stone
4:30PM 4:40PM Discussion Mod: Dr. Satomi Kasashima
4:40PM 5:10PM IgG4 and the Kidney Dr. David Salant
5:10PM 5:20PM Discussion Mod: Dr. Takako Saeki
5:20PM 6:00PM Abstract presentation (on Clinical IgG4-RD) Mod: Dr.Hisanori Umehara
Start Finish Day 2
7:30AM 8:00AM BREAKFAST Provided by Conference
8:00AM 8:05AM Welcome Dr. Kazuichi Okazaki
8:05AM 8:45AM What can we learn about IgG4-RD from parasitic diseases? Dr. Thomas A. Wynn
8:45AM 9:00AM Discussion Mod: Dr. Tomohiro Watanabe
9:00AM 9:30AM The Genetic Determinants of Pulmonary Fibrosis Dr. David Schwartz
9:30AM 9:45AM Discussion Dr. Vinay Mahajan
9:45AM 10:00AM BREAK Provided by Conference
10:00AM 10:30AM T cells and IgG4-RD Dr. Hamid Mattoo
10:30AM 10:40AM Discussion Mod: Dr. Seiji Nakamura
10:40AM 11:05AM B-T cell interaction in IgG4-RD Dr. Vinay Mahajan
11:05AM 11:15AM Discussion Mod: Dr. Kenji Notohara
11:15AM 11:45AM IgE: How does it fit into the IgG4-RD milieu? Dr. Frances Lee
11:45AM 12:00PM Discussion Mod: Dr. Emanuel Della Torre
12:00PM 1:30PM LUNCH At Leisure
Epidemiology & Clinical Assessment
1:30PM 1:50PM Genome-wide association studies in IgG4-RD Dr. Fumihiko Matsuda
1:50PM 2:00PM Discussion Mod: Dr. Shiv Pillai
2:00PM 2:30PM Imaging in IgG4-RD Dr. Dai Inoue
2:30PM 2:45PM Discussion Mod: Dr. Yoh Zen
2:45PM 3:00PM BREAK Provided by Conference
3:00PM 3:20PM Multi-centric Castleman’s disease Dr. Yasuharu Sato
3:20PM 3:40PM Discussion Mod: Dr. Hiroki Takahashi
3:40PM 4:00PM Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumors Dr. Adrian Bateman
4:00PM 4:10PM Discussion Mod: Dr. Vikram Deshpande
4:10PM 4:30PM Monitoring IgG4-RD activity through the blood Dr. Arezou Khosroshahi
4:30PM 4:45PM Discussion Mod: Dr. Kazuichi Okazaki
4:45PM 5:30PM Abstract presentation (on pathophysiology and clinical assessment) Mod: Dr. Terumi Kamisawa
PM PM Symposium Dinner (informal evening) Ticket Purchase
Start Finish Day 3
7:30AM 8:00AM BREAKFAST Provided by Conference
8:00AM 8:05AM Welcome Dr. John H. Stone
8:05AM 8:25AM Glucocorticoid Treatment in IgG4-RD Dr. Yasufumi Masaki
8:25AM 8:30AM Discussion Mod: Dr. Suresh Chari
8:30AM 8:50AM Conventional Steroid sparing agents for IgG4-RD Dr. Mark Topazian
8:50AM 9:00AM Discussion Mod: Dr. Arezou Khosroshahi
9:00AM 9:20AM B cell depletion strategies Dr. John H. Stone
9:20AM 9:25AM Discussion Mod: Dr. Hisanori Umehara
9:25AM 9:45AM Current & Future Treatment for Pulmonary Fibrosis Dr. David Schwartz
9:45AM 9:50AM Discussion Mod: Dr. Hamid Mattoo
9:50AM 10:00AM BREAK Provided by Conference
10:00AM 11:45AM Panel Discussion on Treatment Mod: Dr. John H. Stone
11:45AM 12:00PM Wrap up for treatment
12:00PM 1:30PM LIGHT LUNCH Provided by Conference
1:00PM 5:00PM Biliary Session Chair: Dr. Suresh Chari
1:00PM 1:40PM Clinical Features:

Are there clinical features that distinguish IgG4-SC from other biliary pathologies?

Dr. Atsushi Tanaka
1:40PM 1:45PM Discussion  
1:45PM 1:50PM Consensus summary: Role of clinical features in distinguishing IgG4-SC from other biliary pathologies. Mod: Dr. Suresh Chari
1:50PM 2:20PM Do imaging findings distinguish IgG4-SC from other biliary pathologies?



Dr. Dai Inoue 

Dr. Naoki Takahashi

Dr. Takahiro Nakazawa 

Dr. George Webster

Dr. Kazuo Inui 

Dr. Michael Levy

2:20PM 2:25PM Discussion  
2:25PM 2:35PM Consensus summary: Role of imaging in distinguishing IgG4-SC from other biliary pathologies Mod: Dr. Suresh Chari
2:35PM 2:45PM Do IgG4 levels distinguish IgG4-SC from PSC?  Dr. Hirotaka Ohara 
2:45PM 2:50PM Discussion Dr. Roger Chapman
2:50PM 2:55PM Consensus summary: What is the role of serum IgG4 levels in distinguishing IgG4-SC from PSC? Mod: Dr. Kazuichi Okazaki
2:55PM 3:10PM BREAK Provided by Conference
3:10PM 3:50PM Does histology distinguish IgG4 SC from PSC?


Bile duct Biopsy

Ampulla Biopsy

Bile duct brush

Liver Biopsy

Dr. Yasuni Nakanuma

Dr. Lizhi Zhang

Dr. Kenji Notohara

Dr. Giuseppe Zamboni

Dr. Kensuke Kubota

Dr. Thomas Smyrk

Dr. Vikram Deshpande

Dr. Yoh Zen

3:50PM 4:00PM Discussion  
4:00PM 4:10PM Consensus Summary: Role of histopathology in distinguishing IgG4-SC from PSC Mod: Dr. Suresh T. Chari
4:10PM 4:20PM Does response to steroids distinguish IgG4-SC from PSC?

IgG4-Sclerosing cholangitis

Primary sclerosing cholangitis


Dr. Myung-Hwan Kim

Dr. Terumi Kamisawa

Dr. Roger Chapman

4:20PM 4:25PM Discussion Mod: Dr. Tooru Shimosegawa
4:25PM 4:30PM Consensus summary: Role of steroid response in distinguishing igG4-SC from PSC Mod: Dr. Tooru Shimosegawa
4:30PM 4:35PM What OOI is seen in IgG4-SC and PSC?  Dr. Suresh Chari
4:35PM 4:45PM Discussion  
4:45PM 4:50PM Consensus: Role of OOI in distinguishing IgG4-SC from PSC? Mod: Dr. Suresh Chari
4:50PM 5:10PM Wrap up for Diagnostic criteria for IgG4-SC Mod: Dr. Suresh Chari
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